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As a small church we are not in a position to livestream whole services, and given the nature of our congregation our aim is not to pretend we can replicate the experience of meeting up as a church online. We instead want to encourage our church community to access teaching and worship from the wider church. We would particularly recommend speakers such as Nicky Gumbel, Tim Keller, J John, Louie Giglio and the Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby. However, each week we will also post short teaching videos here to encourage and support our church community and hope these are helpful. 

  The Rhythms  

     of Grace     

19th April 2020

A short introduction to our new series, where we think about Jesus' teaching on our life rhythms, and especially his promise, in Matthew 11:28-30. 

  The Problem  

     of Hurry     

26th April 2020

Why is hurry such a problem for us as Christians?

What is Jesus really trying to say in Luke 10:38-42?


  The Symptoms of  

    Hurry Sickness    

3rd May 2020

What are the symptoms of hurry sickness? What is Jesus warning us about in Matthew 16:26? 

  If only I had  

   more time!   

10th May 2020

What would we do if we had more time?

How might we apply Jesus teaching in Matthew 6:21?


   The Secret of    

   the Easy Yoke   

17th May 2020

What do we have to do to know the peace and joy that Jesus offers to us? What is the secret of the easy yoke in Matthew 11:28-30?

        Practice 1:       

  Silence + Solitude  

24th May 2020

What's so special about quiet time? What does Jesus

teach us about spending time in the 'quiet place'?


   Practice 2:   


31st May 2020

Does God tell us to take a day off? Or is the Sabbath something else? How do Genesis and Exodus help us to understand what the Sabbath is about?

     Practice 3:    


7th June 2020

What is Jesus warning us about in Luke 12:15?

How do our money and possessions affect our

ability to take up the easy yoke?


   Practice 4:   


14th June 2020

How can we actually cultivate patience in our lives? What does Jesus demonstrate for us in John 11?


    A Quiet Life?  

21st June 2020

What should our ambition be as Christians?

Is living a slow or quiet life meant to be among them?

Paul gives us a strange challenge in 1 Thess 4:10-11.



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